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Little Dave was created by a nursery in Texas 9-years ago and has been growing up on our property ever since…

He was made into the image of Big Dave and Bobby Jones (cap and knickers), and he is posing with a lob wedge which he can hit to any tight pin—he regularly holes out at my house and can maneuver the ball in the stiffest of winds at Kapalua.

He’s is kind of a girly-man about manicures—gets one every couple of weeks.  He is a nutrition fanatic and has overdosed on growth hormones more than once.

Personality wise he is very stoic and yen-like—will only converse with big Dave—but likes a lot of attention and gets his feelings hurt easily. He has a steady female companion  called “Hula Girl” (but I actually think he prefers young boys who are not afraid to cry).

He prefers H2O rather than the hard stuff and he enjoys gentle breezes and rough sex….

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