The Maui Country Club was built in 1927 and is an 9-hole seaside links that provides ample challenge for all golf skill levels. Once an elites only venue, the ’60s paved the way for a more relaxed vibe and with thee addition of six tennis courts and a swimming pool, the club has become as much a social center as it is a golf club.

Its immediate proximity to the sandy north shore makes for a true links experience. Winds buffet the fairways as the day warms, and the surf can be heard crashing along the nearby cost. In fact, golfers who know better will often stroll over to the water on the last tee just for fun.

The greens on this golf course are where the scoring happens. Miss them and you’ve often got a testy chip or pitch. Grains can pull the ball as the day progresses and with the winds gaining speed as the day reaches its hottest point, even the most rock-solid putter can waffle under the pressure.

Visitors and residents alike have no idea what a great value the maui Country Club presents. Those who do not live on Maui full-time can amortize a six month membership in as long a time and essentially play for under $10/day (if you tee it up seven days a week!). It works out to just about the same, maybe a few dollars more, for the resident, but that includes the whole family!

The pool and tennis and new clubhouse alone are worth the tariff, and the free golf is just a bonus. For more information, call Luana at: (808) 877-7893, or email her at: