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“SUPER FUN & INCREDIBLY NERVE RACKING!!” said Plantation Course head golf professional, Scott Carroll, in response to an email I sent him last night. “My score wasn’t great, but considering my last round of golf was before Thanksgiving, I didn’t embarrass myself,” added the friendly, easy-going father of newborn daughter, Isla (pronounced “eye lah”).

“All said & done, I might have shot about 79.” Score may be the name of the game on the PGA Tour, but for Scott, who got the call to play as a marker in place of Geoff Ogilvy, who mashed his index finger on some coral and was forced to withdraw, the chance to play with the big boys live on TV was something I don’t think I’ve ever seen done here before. And you now what? It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Of course, behind every great man is an even greater woman, or three in Scott’s case. Someone had to carry Isla to term and it sure wasn’t him. No, it was his better half, Ashley, who fortunately for her, has not met me yet. Ashley has born the couple two children, with their 16 month-old daughter, Skye, being the first.

So, while Scott may not have broken the scoring records yesterday, during his unofficial PGA Tour debut, I can tell you the fans roared for him more than anyone else on the first tee. He’s a great guy, has a wonderful young family, and knows just how to say the right thing, all the time.

“Jim couldn’t have been nicer,” he said in conclusion of Furyk, who he played with, “…it was really an experience I will never forget.”

Bravo Scott.

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