Rains force Dunes, others, to get creative as Maui gets pounded

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Maui got hit by several heavy storms this week and as of today, The Dunes is among the courses that has been hit very hard. You may recall that only a week ago Kahili was hammered and was forced to send golfers around the 12th hole, well now Dave Gleason reports that several holes were so hard hit, that the par 3 19th hole, designed by Robin Nelson, will be used to keep the course open and available for play. “We’ll just handle it like we did when we were rebuilding four and 16, Dave told me tonight, “so players can just bypass No. 4, which was the hardest hit.” The Dunes hired its original architect, Robin Nelson, to revise holes 16 and 4, and in the process, Nelson took the par five No. 9 hole and made that into a par four and par three. Instead of temporary greens and tees, these were professionally shaped and grassed like any golf hole, so as to ensure that players would get a basically uninterrupted experience. “Where going to have some challenges on No.10,” Dave said of the most difficult 4-par on the course, “it was also hit hard.” I got calls from all over Maui yesterday as courses were forced to send golfers home as a result of the raging storms. One player, Canadian Dave Lobay, was set to play Wailea Old Blue but had to cancel. “That’s it for golf this year. We’re going to the movies instead,” he told me. Most of Maui was plunged into the red over the past couple of days, but things are starting to look brighter, as the only potentially bad day in the next seven will be on Sunday, where the forecasters predict a 50% chance of rain.

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