Da Game Show – Episode 23 – 2015 Hyundai Tournament of Champions’ Trilogy – Part One: A Prelude to War

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Kapalua’s Mike Jones steals Da Stage before Dave sits down for our third interview with tournament exec dir Nancy Cross, at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions event HQ trailer, in this pre-event ‘update’. What ensues is an amusing, circus-like spectacle only we could come up with, but it’s good stuff about the event and some of the people there working it and free! So give it up for Dave Ward who also moseys down to the first tee for a quick visit with head pro Scott Carroll.

Naturally, the real pros will take over this week as NBC’s best and brightest are here for the broadcast. Johnny Miller and Mark Rolfing will no doubt lead the presentation. We will, of course, grub around for the odd interview as players exit the scorer’s trailer, hurriedly I might add, signing just so many autographs as they head for the showers.

Mark Rolfing is an amazing figure. He actually built this golf course, built the brand Kapalua from relative obscurity to a household name. He has been very good to us here at the Maui Golf Review and while we have striven to bring some entertaining moments on Da Game, there’s no upstaging Mark, as we wouldn’t want to, nor could if we did!

Da Game Show is a creative extension of the Maui Golf Review, Hawaii’s only full-sized, glossy golf publication in print since 1995. Hosted by Kapalua resident and golfer, Dave Ward, Da Game walks-the-talk in paradise with style and delivers candor and humor every step of the way.

Dave is joined by an array of regular and guest co-stars with each episode. No matter what is happening in Hawaii golfdom, Da Game is a part of it; often and to such a degree that we can get into trouble for it!

All of that adds to the excitement as each episode reveals some unheard-of-faux-pas or stunt that only Da Game can bring you.

Be sure to make Da Game Show a part of your regular viewing game plan now! This episode will air all week on Akaku’s channel 54 at 2:30pm daily.

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