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We’ve had a bit o’wind the past week, and on Friday night, things really started to blow. They kept it interesting though Saturday as power outages and fallen trees affected normal life. Marie went to visit the Dunes and course GM Russ Dooge told her the trees between Nos 10 and 11 were down “like dominoes”. Quite a few he told her, over a dozen maybe twice as many or more. Even by today, the clean-up is still in process. Marie was over there again and took the above shot while climbing over the shrubbery by the 10th tee! Nice work Lammmie!

Rick Castillo also reported that King Kamehameha had suffered some pretty bad damage over the last week from only wind, but rain too.

“We are still picking up all the debris that was created early Saturday morning when the entire state experienced the heavy rain and strong wind. It scattered a lot of tree branches and twigs, but fortunately did not bring down any significant trees that would alter the play of any hole. There’s a lot to pick up! Be careful not to go near trees with hanging branches, as they will fall at anytime. And, it’s been an uphill battle repairing the bunker washouts that occurred a week earlier from a 6″ rain. We prioritize the bunker repairs over picking up the debris, since most of the debris is in the roughs. Soon after the bunker repairs, the next rain washes them out again. We thank everyone for their understanding and patience. It’s even raining as I’m writing this message,” he concluded in his email note to members.

I was up at the Plantation Course on Sunday, taping our ‘preview show‘ for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions with director of golf Mike Jones and the tree to the right of the cart path on 18 by the clubhouse was gone. An apparent casualty of the wind the day before mike told me.

While it has been a tad breezy and rainy, golfers don’t see to be inconvenienced or driven away, especially those visiting our tropical island. Marie has been out and about on Dairy Road and all of the main arteries and can only report that the island is jam-packed with people!

So, don’t worry about booking that last-minute fight out here: misery loves company and we are all here waiting for you at Costco! -)

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