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One of the most impressive things going on in Hawaii is how a tech success has brought a sense of preservation, rather than garish bling, to our islands. Oracle’s founder, Larry Ellison, bought 98% of Lanai, the pineapple island, in 2012. Rather than devise a master plan to enrich himself, he instead has embraced the spirit of aloha and conservation that is very nearly a forgotten credo among the rich. Maybe that’s why he has endured.

Usually, the media (myself included) will sing any song if we are paid. But all of us need something worthwhile to sing about, and when it comes to our state, if the powers that be would do less instead of more we’d all be the better for it. Funny, huh, coming from a golf guy!?! But, and I say this in all sincerity, I think golf actually preserves a lot more than it damages, sans the chemical fertilizers that some still use, although fewer each year….

But Lanai is blessed to have Mr. Ellison as its steward. I have never met the man but his team are thoughtful, engaging, and from what I can tell from the efforts I have seen online being put forth by the Four Seasons hotel general manager (who is running the island’s two main hotels), Tom Roelens, no one there is afraid of hard work, getting into them, and engaging.

Maybe that’s why there is a lot of truth being told (gleefully I might add) about the state of Lanai, under Larry Ellison, Tom Roelens, and the others in charge there, like golf director Scott Ashworth, who knows Hawaii golf better than anyone, by the media. Case in point is a killer¬†Huffington Post article that just appeared on the 8th of April, by Carla Herriera.

I could cite tons of recent accolades that Lanai has received, and my list would fall way short reality, as this truth is none of us so-called experts are doing much other than relaying what you may not already know, but should: Lanai is unspoiled, becoming even less commercialized, and is fostering a wholesome and old Hawaii culture the likes Hawaii has not seen in what seems like the last century.

Whether you go by ferry, or fly there on Island Air, which Lanai owns, you’ve got to see it to believe it. I know I want to, again, in the worst way….



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