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Visiting golfers are able to get more information, and we can offer them new options like being able to interact with us for guidance about where to play. We’ve made it so sponsors can easily afford to take control of the results people see when scanning our issue’s pages, and since content is king—to really entice readers to adopt the technology—Marie and I have make the 2014 issue of the Maui Golf Review video-centric to make it as easy as possible for readers to learn and be as well informed as possible.

We believe Google and other major tech companies are cataloging virtually every sight, site, and visual thing on earth because they will use image recognition in glasses, smartphones, and other devices more and more. A picture is often worth 1000 words, and thus we feel a moving picture, as in the videos we produced for this issue, may be worth even more to the visitors. Hence, we not only shot videos of just about every course sponsor in the issue before we went press, but we’ll be able to shoot, edit, upload, and link future footage to virtually any page in this issue during the next year!

We all know I have grown quite fat in recent years, and that is not what we want to convey. That is why I put a better-looking-than-John subject in front of the camera, in the form of Dave Ward in Da Game Show’s case, and started building digital assets over the past three years. That content is also going to appear inside the issue, by way of the Shortcut app.

And, while it isn’t always easy or cheap to go to golf courses and shoot footage, edit it, and upload it to a video site like our YouTube channel, we are learning a lot, and some of our marketing partners see how it can help the visitors find their golf courses while at the same help the golf courses find their way into the minds of the visiting golfers.


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