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Makena is soon to be off-limits to the public as it becomes private.  Not even the hotel guests themselves will be able to step foot on Makena’s hallowed fairways we are told.

The developer/partner who is running the show now, Discovery Land Company says: “The 1,800-acre community will offer estate lots, beach club cottages, and luxury multi-family villas. Makena will also include a luxury boutique resort and village.” The site goes on to mention that there will be 36-holes of golf.

Now, most in Hawaii knows that Kukio, which is located on the Big Island’s Kohala Coast, is so private and exclusive that few are going to be found on its fairways, except for the owners and help.

So, we suspect that the new Makena will be pretty much the same.

I was down there not too long ago and their first fairway of the old North Course was getting new irrigation and the grass was dead yellow. I looked out on the first (or 9th depending on what era) hole on the old South Course and they were doing some work there too.

We shall see where it all winds up for the ‘last resort’, as Howard Kihune Jr. used to describe it. We shall see….

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  • Rick Houlihan

    Very sad to see this jewel of a course go private. Yet another example of the 1 percenters greed mongering everything good for themselves.

    This should not be allowed to happen.

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