For scratch golfers, playing Kahili Golf Course from the tips is a breeze at only 6,500 yards, which is why it is rated as the island’s 5th easiest. Bogey golfers playing from the ‘whites’ are experiencing the Maui median USGA Slope Rating; the course is halfway between the most and least difficult we have. Not so for lady bogey golfers who play the red tees: it is the 2nd most difficult for them on Maui. Length is short and it effectively plays that way. Roll is ample with many downhill tee shots. Elevation changes and strong winds are regular staples, and while the fairways seem wide, there is minimal rough to save your ball from running into a kiawe, which borders the entire course. Holes are designed with wind in mind. Most holes play straight or bend only slightly. The topography is very hilly, and an uneven lie or stance is likely on nearly half the holes. Bunkers in fairways are less penal obstacles on the par 4s than they are on the par 5s. The greens are smaller targets than usual and deep bunkers guard them. Hole locations on the greens are often set on tiers but rarely in radical locations. Water comes into play on two holes. Putting is straightforward in that there are no extremes. This golf course is very fair.